Player Rankings for Iowa ACS

How players rankings are determined

The Iowa ACS Qualifications committee reviews players to fairly rate them in our association.  In reviewing players we rely heavily on our league operators and follow the following guidelines:  Players that have played singles in last years Iowa ACS tournament will stay at the same level until they finish high  enough in our tournament to advance with the exception of standard  division. Standard players will be up for review at every Iowa ACS  tournament. If standard players have cashed in any  other state or national tournament, they will be moved up to open at  our event. If a player is proved to be rated incorrectly, the Iowa  ACS  will review that players ratings at which time known ability can be  used. League operators are supposed register their players in each division according their skill level. Qualifications committee will review all new players and questionable existing players. The players have access to lists to help us police players also. Any questions about player ratings will be addressed with their league operator. The final decisions will then be made by Iowa ACS. It is very important that we make this tournament as fair as possible for all players since team competitions are dependent on correct singles ratings. Out of state players rankings were determined by our committee and based on reviews from trusted sources within their state.