Annual ACS Meeting

Letter from The President

Thanks to all the Iowa ACS league operators that attended the Iowa ACS Annual Meeting on February 16 2019, at Coralville, Iowa. With the league operators continued support we were able to conduct the required business of Iowa ACS. 

The Iowa ACS Vice-President and Treasure positions were both up for election. The vote was carried out with Marty Plumb- Vice President and Nancy Beadel- Treasurer continuing to serve on the Iowa ACS board. These members were elected to a new 4-year term, as approved by the league operators. 

We as the Iowa ACS are always looking for ways to separate ourselves from all other state pool tournaments. One big change for the 2019 Iowa ACS Tournament will be allowing players to play together regardless of league operator sanctioning. You must have 2 core players on a team from an Iowa ACS league sanctioning operator. Teams will be allowed to add 2 players from any Iowa ACS leagues. Players are required to follow the Iowa ACS and ACS National requirements. This new rule is only allowed because of the Iowa ACS has changed its scoring system. By using the MPA scoring system, which establishes an individual handicap rating system. It is our hope to see some new faces and to allow players to play with family, friends and players that haven’t been able to play in the past. It is important to know just because we use the MPA scoring system by John Stich, we at the Iowa ACS have complete control of Iowa ACS tournament. John Stich is just the tournament director. All decisions are handled by the Iowa ACS board. 

Iowa ACS President 

Tim Bringman 



IA ACS Minutes 21 January 2018 River Center Col Dav Room (pdf)


Proposed Changes to By Laws for 2019 (pdf)


Agenda for Annual General Meeting 16 Feb 2019 AmericInn (pdf)