Iowa ACS Tournaments

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With the 2018 Iowa ACS State Tournament Coming Up Soon we are working hard on that event.  Please continue to check back as we are developing an event Calendar to help Iowa Pool Players stay up to date on events.  We look forward to sharing this with you soon and hope to see you all at the River Center Later this Month!

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Annual Events


*In addition to providing a regular opportunnity to compete, participation in ACS Leagues in Iowa will qualify you for numerous events including 2 prestigious Annual Events that draw players from all over!

Iowa ACS State Championships

The ACS Midwest Championships is an annual event held in Iowa. With the event growing in size over the years the dates and venue have changed slightly but it remains a staple of Midwest Pool and offers an excellent opportunity for players of all skill levels!

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2017 Results

2018 Results

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The ACS National Championships are held in May in Las Vegas at the Tropicana.  Perhaps the most distinguished amateur event in the Country, this tournament is a great opportunity for you and your team to have a blast and compete against players from all over the World!

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Other Events

As part of our mission to promote pocket billiards we have created a calendar and would be happy to consider adding any other competition to our calendar including weekly events.   Join our Facebook Group and join us in making it easy for players in Iowa to find a tournament to play in!

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